2021Ullambana - Blessings for Good Fortune
Prayers for the deceased - House Spirits
Prayers for the deceased - Beings We have Wronged
Prayers for the deceased - Unborn and Born Children
Prayers for the deceased - Ancestors
Repaying Our Deepest Gratitude
All Wishes Come True
Support 3 months Pravarana
Support for Monastic Education
Monastic Victuals
Dedicating Merits for Parents of 7 Previous Lifetime
Support Construction
Geotechnical Engineering
Road Engineering
Energy Center
Foundation Engineering
Heating Facility
Aspiration Foundation Stone
Support Construction
Support for Monastic Education
2021 Light Offering for Peace
Support for Overall Monastic Education
Operating Fund
Monastic Victuals
Prayers for the Deceased
Monastic Blessings
Coloured Glass Buddha Tile
Coloured Glass Buddha Tile ( Special Wire Transfer Only)
Transportation for the Monastics
Clothing and Everyday Needs of Monastics
Health and Wellness of Monastics
Fortune Benefactors
Initiating Benefactors
Honorary Benefactor